Portfolio Companies
Sweeping structural changes and scientific breakthroughs are
driving demand for new products, services and technologies
eSionic, LLC is engaged in the research, development and manufacture of advanced molecular materials for applications in the electronics industry. The company's proprietary chemistry leverages existing semiconductor manufacturing infrastructure and enables the transition to higher performance at lower cost.
NuGEN Technologies, Inc. is a life sciences research tools company developing and marketing powerful technology for efficient and cost-effective amplification of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), a critical rate limiting step in genomics research for the identification of new drugs and drug targets.
Tabula Rasa Healthcare, Inc. is a personalized medication therapy management and pharmacy services company that achieves superior outcomes by leveraging its proprietary technology platform to reduce medication risk for chronically ill populations. Its platform is proven to increase medication adherence and reduce hospitalization for high-risk elderly patients. Tabula Rasa Healthcare accomplishes this through a patented electronic medication system, real-time involvement of geriatric pharmacists and customized adherence packaging.
BioStorage Technologies, Inc. was acquired by Brooks Automation in December 2015. Prior to the acquisition, the company was a leading provider of advanced biomaterials storage, inventory management and worldwide cold-chain logistics. The company served pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers, non-profit and corporate clinical research facilities, donor organizations, forensic laboratories, universities, zoological and veterinarian treatment and research facilities, healthcare and life sciences companies.
Clinical Micro Sensors, Inc. was acquired by Motorola in June 2000. Prior to the acquisition, the company was engaged in the development of DNA biochips aimed at enabling the delivery of valuable genetic information to biomedical researchers, physicians, and industrial users.