Portfolio Companies
Sweeping structural changes and scientific breakthroughs are
driving demand for new products, services and technologies
Management Health Solutions, Inc. is a full service supply chain management company specializing in physical inventory measurement, data management, and supply chain optimization services for hospitals. The Company utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create greater visibility for the clinical supplies that are purchased, used, and stored and thereby improve health care quality while reducing clinical supply costs.
Tabula Rasa Healthcare, Inc. is a personalized medication therapy management and pharmacy services company that achieves superior outcomes by leveraging its proprietary technology platform to reduce medication risk for chronically ill populations. Its platform is proven to increase medication adherence and reduce hospitalization for high-risk elderly patients. Tabula Rasa Healthcare accomplishes this through a patented electronic medication system, real-time involvement of geriatric pharmacists and customized adherence packaging.
ActiveHealth Management, Inc. was acquired by Aetna Inc. in May 2005. Prior to the acquisition, ActiveHealth Management was a healthcare information technology and services company focused on improving the effectiveness of disease diagnosis and management. Key to the company's capabilities was proprietary software that integrated a wide array of clinical information with protocols and standards to elevate the quality of care in real time and reduce the overall cost for payors.
Aethon, Inc. is the leading maker of practical, dependable courier robots for hospitals. The company’s proprietary, fully autonomous robots improve efficiency of hospital deliveries such as clinical supplies, pharmaceuticals, food, linen, waste and other items.
AMICAS, Inc. was acquired by VitalWorks, Inc. in November 2003. Prior to the acquisition, the company was engaged in the development and marketing of web-based Picture Archiving and Communication Systems "PACS" that provide diagnostic quality radiology image management services, including secure image capture, distribution, workflow integration and image archiving.
Health Language, Inc. was acquired by Wolters Kluwer in January 2013. Health Language provides software for managing and updating standard and localized healthcare terminology. The Company also offers clinical content and professional services to enable interoperability, ICD-10 conversion, web-based terminology mapping, and Meaningful Use compliance.
Healthsense Inc. is a market leader in providing technology solutions for the future of aging services. Healthsense offers completely integrated systems based on a standard Wi-Fi platform for Personal Emergency Response Systems, nurse call and remote safety. These systems are scalable, flexible and proven across a broad base of installations. The flagship Healthsense product is the eNeighbor® system, which monitors individuals in their homes and automatically calls for help if it detects a possible problem. The eNeighbor® system utilizes a series of wireless sensors placed throughout the residence that capture the occupant's activities of daily living.